NOTE: This page is currently under construction. If you see something you are interested in purchasing please contact us by email or phone.

We also have t-shirts and hoodies available.

T-shirts available in red, navy blue, hunter green and black in various sizes. $25.00 GST Included

Caps available in beige, hunter green, navy blue or black. $22.00 GST Included

We have black hoodies for $45.00 as well as other t-shirts and caps.

While are waiting for our Gift Shop to be available online, all items can be purchased in the Gift Shop  or through e-transfers and then we will mail out your order. If you live in the Town of Westlock, we might be able to drop off.


Canada Hats/Visor – $5.00

Canada Hat – $5.00

Tractor Museum Hats (Yellow/Beige – $12.00; Black – $15.00