Birthday Parties

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Birthday Party Price List

                                                    This list is a work in progress and may change without notice.
                                                   Check out our party decorations inventory being sold in our Gift Shop.
Room Rental   (Approx 2 to 3 hours)$100.00
Plus General Admission Fees:  Ages 5 and under are free. Ages 6 to 11 are $3.00 and Ages 12 and up is $6.00 
Tractor theme decorated room, set up/clean up and access to kitchen and coffee urnsincluded
Includes approx five crafts and games per party  – See below for choicesincluded
Tour Guide, Rope Making or Party Facilitator – 1 hour$25.00
Table Settings 
Table Cloths – We provide plastic table cloths and  re-use them as much as possible.included
Table Centre pieces – We provide them and  re-use them as much as possible.included
Tractor Theme Table Setting for 1 
includes 1 large &1 small plate, 1 knife, 1 fork, 1 spoon, 1 large & 1 small & large napkin, 1 paper cup$2.75
Tractor Pinata – Empty   –  Specialty Item – min 30 day notice$35.00
2 pound pinata filler – candy & toy mix  Speciality Item – min 30 day notice$25.00
Pinata Bat –  Specialty Item – min 30 day notice$7.50
Pinata Blindfold  –  Specialty Item – min 30 day notice$3.00
Tractor Pinata – Filled   w/ 48 piece / bat & blindfold    Speciality Item – min 30 day notice$45.00
Pin the tail on the cow                                                  $6.00
Pin the wheel on the tractor  (Under construction)$5.00
Tractor Ring Tossincluded
Scavenger Hunt included
Sack Races – Notice requiredincluded
Tug-A-Rope – Notice requiredincluded
Where’s Mr. Tractor? included
Build-A-Tractor  – Paper versionincluded
Footprint Tractor Sign Craft Kit  (for small children)       Speciality Item – min 30 day notice$2.00
Painting on Canvas                                               included
Modeling Clay                                         included
Crafts with stickersincluded
Specialty  Items – All specialty items require min 30 day notice 
Tractor Invitations package of 8 $8.00
Barnyard Giant PERSONALIZED PHOTO Banner 
John Deere PERSONALIZED Giant Banner $30.00
Party Hats – JD Pink or Farm Animal Cone Package of 8 $10.00
Party Hats – Cowboy Hats – Package of  8 $20.00
John Deere PERSONALIZED Lollipops  Package of 12 ( A sucker with a sticker on it )$20.00
Tractor Loot Bags  (items can be purchased separately)  
Keepsake plastic cup, pull back tractor, tractor stress squeeze, noise maker, stickers, old fashion candy stick$7.50
Farm Safety Promotional Items to take home  Please ask ahead of time 
Farm Safety Stickers, Coloring/Activity BookletsFree
Depending on inventory, children can receive one or two prizes for certain activitiesFree
Birthday Party Food Price List
This list is a work in progress and may change without notice.
The room rental includes the use of our small kitchen and coffee urns.
You are encouraged to provide your food to help keep your costs down.
We can provide the following and will consider special requests.
Hot dog w/ bun –  in increments of 12 only      $18.00
Condiments – Ketchup, Relish & Mustard   $6.00
1 large bag of value-priced potato chips   $2.00
Fresh fruit or vegetable tray  for 8 – 10 people   $25.00
Juice Boxes   $0.75
Canned pop   $1.00
Bottle water   $0.50
Hot Chocolate   $1.00
Coffee/Tea   $0.75
Ice Cream    
Pail of Ice cream –  Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla or Neapolitan   $10.00
John Deere decorated cupcakes w/ tractor ring topper  in increments of 6 only         $21.00
Served on our cupcake stand           included
Cookies – 1 dozen   $8.00
Provide your cake and we can order in a John Deere Personalized Edible Icing Sheet                       $20.00
                 Specialty Item – min 30 day notice        Inquire about sizes   

We encourage you to order in for yourself to help keep your costs down. 

If we order in for you we will add a 15% administration charge.

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Kitchen & Food area

Birthday Supplies

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Birthday Crafts

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