Case Collection

1944 Case Baler Model NCM

Donated by: Brent Sterling

Powered by a Wisconsin V4 cylinder engine, this 2-person baler was capable of working stationary or with a pickup attachment, it was able to bale hay from a swath.  One person sat on one side of the baler and poked wire through to the other person on the other side to tie it off.  with each stroke of the plunger to compress the hay, a cloud of hay dust would hit the workers.  This baler was purchased by William Sterling and used by his sons and him. the restoration was done by the Sterling family and painted by Edwin Sterling.

1956 Case Model 400 Diesel

Donated by: Stan & Arlene Adair

The Case 400 was introduced in 1955 and stayed in production until 1958.
It was equipped with a four-cylinder diesel engine and featured a eight speed transmission.
The color changed from the solid bright orange to pairing  a desert sunset yellow.

1946 Case Model DC-4

Donated by: Stan, Arlene and Gregg Adair. 

The Case D series had a long successful run through 1939-1953. It was powered by a 4 cylinder engine with a 3.5 inch bore and a 5.5 inch stroke.  A total only about 1,225 were produced.

1919 Case SteamTraction Engine

On Loan by: Audrey Wiese

The Case 80 hp steam engine was built at Racine, Wisconsin, U.S.A. This engine was brought to Alberta in 1919. It stayed with a farm family in Carstairs for 7 years before being moved to Chase B.C. to run a sawmill. Bernard Wiese bought it from Don Paulson. Bernard started restoring it in 2008. It took four and a half years, the fully-restored and running engine was run at the June Tractor Show in Westlock in 2013. 

1926 Case Model 18-32

Donated by: Ernest and Ann Wood

This tractor featured a 382 ci. 4 cylinder kerosene engine with a 4 inch bore and a5 inch stroke. The 18-32 replaced the 15-27 in 1924. The 18 designated the draw-bar hp and the 32 the belt hp.

1929 Case Model L

On Loan by: Ray Kine

The Model L replaced the cross motor series. It came standard with a distillate 403 ci. four cylinder engine, engine speed at 1,100 rpm. produced 32 hp on the drawbar and 45 hp on the belt. 

1939 Case Model R

On Loan by: The Harvey Fott Family

In 1939 Case started to roll out stylized versions of their tractors this R was given a new rounded sunburst grill. This tractor had four cylinder Waukesha  gasoline 132.7 ci. engine giving it 14 hp on the drawbar and 18 hp on the belt.

1944 Case Model D

Donated by: Ernest Wood Sr.

The Model D replaced the model C in 1939. It was a general  purpose tractor, fitting the a role on almost every farm. It came with a gasoline engine, but a hot manifold was available to allow the use of distillate fuels.  It featured individual brakes.

1947 Case Model S

Donated by: Albert Miller

Introduced in 1940 as the all new tractor to replace the previous R and RC. It was a general purpose, two plow tractor equipped with a four seed transmission. It used a 3.5 by 4 inch bore and stroke engine and had a Case rolled chain drive. In the final year a switch to a foot clutch from the hand clutch, hydraulics was provided.

1946 Case Model VAC

On Loan by: Harvey Fott

Production of the VAC started November 8th just before Pearl Harbor. But civilian production was shut down in july 1942. Production resumed slowly in 1944. The 124 ci. four cylinder Case engine gave it 13 hp on the drawbar and 17 hp on the PTO. Production was discontinued in 1955.

1954 Case Model 500 Diesel

On Loan by: Ben Fithen

The Case 500 was produced from 1953-1956. It marked the first diesel engine and the first 6-cylinder engine that Case produced. It had a 4-gear transmission, but still used a hand clutch.

1957 Case Model  600D

On Loan by: Ben Fithen

This tractor was only produced through 1957, featuring the new Desert Sunset,Flambeau red styling as well as a plastic badge with Old Abe on it in place of  the Case script. The 600D  engine was the same as the 500D (377 ci. inline-six) though it was tuned to increase rpm and hp. It had a  6 gear transmission an improvement over the 500’s 4 gear transmission.