Vintage Voice Newsletters


We will be uploading more as time permits.

The first newsletter was April, 1992, and under the title “President’s Pen” Albert Miller, Charter President wrote:
“The purpose of this club is to promote an interest in the preservation and restoration of antique tractors and farm equipment. It is our hope that members and their families
will get involved in restoration, as well as develop an interest in summer shows that we hope to put on. Les Dunford has volunteered to print a newsletter so that we can be informed of club activities. Ads can also be put in if you need parts or have parts for sale. The executive has been busy getting Club bylaws drawn up and choosing a name for the Club. Once the ground work is completed, our club will be registered with the Societies Branch, and application will be submitted for a charter in the Two Cylinder Worldwide Club. I am overwhelmed with the keen interest in a club such as this, and I look forward to seeing the Club grow in years to come.”