Reasons for sponsoring the Canadian Tractor Museum

It helps you reach out to your target audience. As long as you choose your recipient wisely and provide sponsorship to organizations or events that align with your brand’s values or product/service offerings, sponsoring can allow you to interact directly with your niche audience – with decreased wastage. Afterall, the guests are there because the event promotes something they care about, so you are likely to find yourself with an increased number of leads.

It increases brand awareness and brand recall. With your brand publicized as part of the event’s marketing initiatives, event goers will become familiar with your brand name and its association to the event, leading to an increase in awareness and an association of your brand to the event and what it promotes. There is no more straightforward way of letting your potential consumers know about you than placing your brand and its products/services within their reach and in their line of sight.

It improves brand perception and increase brand loyalty. As mentioned earlier, when selecting an event or organization to sponsor, ensure that it aligns with your brand’s beliefs and offerings. For example, if you are an agricultural business sponsoring a museum event, you may increase your credibility as a provider for agricultural business Subsequently, existing customers may also become more committed to purchase your brand over your competitors simply because you appear more credible and support an event or cause that they believe in.

Marketing. While a sponsorship isn’t something new to brands and businesses, its effectiveness as a marketing channel has always fallen under the radar. Misunderstandings about how it works has continually misled brands, preventing them from maximizing the potential of this channel. However, some businesses are beginning to recognize and evaluate the benefits of sponsorship’s with successful results.

It is time for sponsorship’s to take the limelight as a legitimate marketing channel so the sooner you start, the more ahead you will be!

Reasons for sponsoring the Canadian Tractor Museum

Service Sponsorships. In these sponsorships, you simply provide your company’s services for the event. In exchange, you can advertise your brand through signages, and event-goers can gain access and interact with your brand on site.

Prize Sponsorships. Prize sponsorships are hassle-free such that you only need to provide a certain value of your company’s products for the event. What you get in exchange is publicity when your products are advertised as prizes for the event, and prize winners may also promote your products after a positive experience using them.

Cash Sponsorships. One-time sponsorship makes a one-time payment of any amount. Short-term sponsorship makes a monthly or annual donation of any amount with a minimum one or two-year commitment. Long-term sponsorship makes an annual donation with a commitment of a minimum three to five-year sponsorship.

Program & Event Sponsorships. Your brand or venue will naturally receive publicity along with the event through its advertising initiatives. With attendees visiting our event, what you gain is also recognition and awareness of your brand, which may reach an even wider audience when these attendees post on social media and tag your location. You decide what materials or supplies you would like to contribute to help to start up and and/or maintain one of our free community programs or events.

Promotional Items. We provide door prizes for some of our programs. One of our most coveted door prize is a reusable bag filled with all kinds of promotional items from businesses, municipalities and other organizations. Please feel free to donate a couple dozen of all kinds of your promotional items! This is a great opportunity to advertise your business.