Westlock Vintage Tractor & Machinery Club

Vintage Tractor Show June 2006

Meetings for the Vintage Tractor Club are held on the second Wednesday of every month at the Canadian Tractor Museum at 7:30 PM.

Except during the summer month when members host BBQ’s.


New members always welcome!

For more information, or if you are interested in becoming a member of the club, please contact:

Phil Colbourne: 780-307-6971

MAILING ADDRESS: Box 5414 Westlock AB T7P 2P5

Board Members as of June 2019

President: Pieter Van Dasselaar

Vice President: JD Wpynorowski, Westlock

Secretary: Ian West, Westlock

Treasurer: Brent Sterling, Westlock

Directors – 3 years

    Ernie Wood, Westlock

    Martin Zeldenrust, Barrhead

Directors – 2 years

    Les Dunford, Dapp

    Art Purdy, Clyde

Directors – 1 year

    Otto Schaab, Westlock

    Lee Kippers, Neerlandia

Historian: Michael Mort, Athabasca

Newsletter: Les Dunford

Refreshments: Phil Colbourne

Show Chairman: Phil Colbourne

Parade Marshall: Otto Schaab

Trade Barn Show: Ian West

Vintage Tractor Show - June 2018