Volunteers Needed!

We can accommodate any schedules and time restrictions you might have.


There  are so many reasons to volunteers:


     Becoming part of your community

     Increasing your Social Life

     Being needed and valued and being able to use your talents

     Becoming part of of  our museum family

     Being essential to the viability and sustainability of the Canadian Tractor Museum

 So many ways to volunteer:

     All members in good standing can volunteer to sit on the Westlock & District Tractor Museum Foundation Board.

     Become a speaker at Tractor Talk Time with your stories.

     Volunteers are needed to help out with parades, the annual Tractor Shows as well as during the annual Fair days.

     Volunteers are needed to help out with yard work, housekeeping and general maintenance.

     Volunteers are needed to help solicit donations and/or help with grant applications.

     Help us to create the best website possible.  We are in need of people who know website designs and social media content.

     Programming & Collections Management needs talented and created people to lead.

     Do you have any ideas? We always want to hear about them!

Just fill out the form below to get started.