Walk & Talk With Jeff


Walk & Talk with Jeff - Every Wednesday Morning


Who wants to get some exercise in an informative and social group setting?

The Canadian Tractor Museum in partnership with Aspen Primary Care Network hosts a free drop in program called Walk & Talk with Jeff at the Canadian Tractor Museum on Wednesday Mornings from 10:30am to 11:30am. Come join Jeff as he helps you stretch your muscles and leads us down the museum isles explaining how important fitness is. Participants get to set their own walking pace. And Jeff is on hand to answers any fitness questions you might have.

This free drop in program is for everyone. Feel free to come at 10:00 if you want to get an early start. And you are are encouraged to stay an extra half hour if you want to keep walking even after Jeff leaves.

Strollers, wheelchairs & walkers are most welcome. And dogs too!

And all participants can take advantage of three lawn tractors that have been modified with pedals. Grab a few friends and you can be off to the races! We even have a checkered flag to make sure it’s all fair. haha

What a great & fun way to get out and get some exercise while socializing!

We will be walking outside weather permitting. Social Distancing & hand sanitizing is practiced.